The SCION 8300 GC is the ideal gas chromatograph for many applications, saving space without sacrificing performance or functionality.

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    S6 JAGUAR – Outstanding Performance.

    Impressive Versatility.

    Little Space.



LLP “DistriTech”  is a specialized supplier of laboratory, bioanalytical and industrial equipment for geology, metallurgy, oil and gas, ecology and environment, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, food industry, chemistry and research, engineering, electronics.

Our company is also a supplier of laboratory furniture for enterprises of oil and gas production and processing, uranium, mining and metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food and light industry, bioanalytical laboratories and medical institutions, research institutes and laboratories in Central Asia. 

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Application Spheres

> Mining and metallurgical industry, geology

> Beverages

> Biotechnology / Microbiology / Medicine

> Nanotechnology / Research & Development

> Materials Science



Analysis Type

> Sample preparation

> Spectral analysis

> Elemental analysis

> Chamber furnaces and drying cabinet

> Shape and particles’ size analysis






Bruker AXS



Grabner Instruments